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The Other Half Games proudly presents: Undiscovered - The Hollow Mountain. An exclusive Playstation 1 title coming the 25th of August of 1996. 

Become the legendary treasure hunter Ethan Drake on his quest for the Goblet of the Hollow Mountain. Action, platforming and adventure awaits for you in astonishing 3D graphics never seen before in a home entertainment system.

Note: Gamepad required!

The game was developed by the two members of The Other Half Games (@GainDeveloper  and @Rune_Sno) for the #DemakeJam during 2 weeks.

Music by @squiresbenjamin


Undiscovered-TheHollowMountain.zip 37 MB


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Made a video


Hey Spudcats! That's awesome guys! Our first playthrough :) Thanks a lot! Hope you had fun with it ;)

Hey dev, im planning to record a video on this game someday, just asking for the permission to do so ;D

Hey Jellactic, feel free :) Our pleasure!

Thanks!, ill put a link to the video whenever i upload it, and might as well send a link to this page just so you get a bit of attention :).

Really appreciated Jellactic! Did you try the game already? What do you think?